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1000+ trainees/1500+ hours

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Victor provided us several training sessions in the last 3 years, customized according to our developer requests, every time exceeding our expectations. He is extraordinary flexible in his approach, very much involved, and with his enthusiasm, high level of expertise and "can do" attitude is able to move forward even the most resistant audience.

He is role model for all junior developers, and a partner for senior developers, who are looking forward to have a second opinion in finding specific technical solutions for complex environments.

Victor is organizing the training sessions more as workshops, where all are involved, encouraging the participants to contribute in the class, clarifying all kind of technical aspects with patience and smile:). He is extremely supportive even after the training sessions, building excellent relationships with his trainees.

In terms of ROI, the good energy of his training sessions remain with the people, giving them the willingness to improve themselves, to continually apply the concepts received during the training sessions, to share with other colleagues the trick and tips found from Victor.

Besides the knowledge, technical concepts and skills, what is most appreciated by our company is an extraordinary collaboration with Victor, his open minded attitude and his willingness to think together with us in finding solutions for business challenges.

Tatiana Neamtu, Software Development Manager Romania

Our developers learned a lot from Victor and our code quality tools spike every time we have him over for a training session.

Apart from Victor's excellent technical background, he is the most enthusiastic trainer I know and he has the gift of passing on that enthusiasm to all of his students.

He's always a pleasure to work with on complex enterprise-level problems or to listen to him talk about the latest in Agile software development.

I highly recommend Victor!

Leonard Mocanu, Software Architect at eMag

Victor has an excellent mastery of the topics presented and managed to raise my expectations about how a technical course should look like, both regarding the content, as well as its presentation. A consistent professional experience helped him to formulate an authentic practical perspective on the topics, something that was missing from many courses I participated to.

I believe that an important element in the success of his trainings is the personal and interactive aspect that he adds to the materials and to the presentation. This approach helped me remember a lot easier the discussed topics, and encourages a relaxed informal interaction between the instructor and the audience.

He is one of the few trainers that add a substantial value to the presented materials and I trustfully recommend his courses.

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Sorin Moise, Technical Team Lead, Senior (7+ years) Java Developer at IBM
Clean Coder, Test-Driven Developer

I have participated to other trainings before, but "Enterprise Architecture" course held by Victor was the most impressive. I was really amazed by the ability of Victor to share all the information in such a understandable way, even when most of the training sessions were related to very high level topics. Interactive sessions, no questions without answers and very well organized presentations made us very involved in the course topics.

Also I had the chance to work on a project with Victor which was a great success. You can really see passion in every line of code or piece of design which Victor creates. He likes challenges and always searches for better solutions. Beside all of these he is a very sociable person, a bit rare to an IT guy :)

Catalin Florea, Technical Team Lead, Senior (5+ years) Software Java/WebServices/Mobile Developer

Victor is an extremely well prepared, versatile and experienced trainer with whom it’s been a pleasure to collaborate for consecutive years in presenting OO Design Patterns at my Object Oriented Programming course at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University Politehnica of Bucharest. His lectures consisted of 2 talks of 3 hours that took place together with his colleague from IBM, Florin Diaconu. Overall, their lectures were extremely well regarded by the students attending the course (all in all, a rather large audience as there are about 120 students enrolled in OOP course with about 50 students frequently attending the courses). In terms of his presentations, he has displayed charisma, was on top of any technical question my students asked him and it was really fun to organize the design patterns course with him.

Mihai DASCĂLU, PhD(CS), PhD(Edu), Lecturer at CS Dept/UPB, Fulbright Senior Alumnus

I had 5 days Java Architecture training in May 2015, when our company decided to migrate our software product to a new server application and to use some newer java&Spring technologies. The training was adapted to our needs and helped us a lot in choosing the right solutions for our business. It was an extremely good course, complete, dynamic, inspirational, answering all our questions.

For me it is the best training I ever had (courses at big companies like Oracle included).

Thank you so much for all your help!

Daniela Lacatus, Senior Java Developer, Technical Team Lead, and Business Analyst at Interdata ABS

In 2014 I participated in a two-hour Rest WS course taught by Victor. I was impressed by his Java knowledge across multiple technologies. He was able to address all the questions asked by the participants and to bring clarification when it was needed.

Victor wants to say so many things during his courses so the teaching rhythm is a very alert one. My recommendation: be prepared for an intense learning session !

Ionut Scutaru, Technical Team Lead, Senior (15+ years!) Java Developer and Architect at IBM
Java EE5 Enterprise Architect, Oracle JPA Expert, SCBCD, SCJP

I fully recommend the Java courses held by Victor Rentea, not only to those that begin their career in IT, but also to those with years of experience developing java enterprise applications, which want to keep up with the new technologies and patterns. During every module, Victor presents a considerable number of implementation examples that showcase the way of working with the technologies presented.

I believe Victor's courses represent an excellent way for IT managers to grow their Java developers

. (hover for original Romanian feedback)

Dragos Moraru, Technical Team Lead, Senior (13+ years) Java Developer and Architect at IBM

Taking part in a 5-days software architecture course taught by Victor was a rewarding experience. It was a great opportunity to improve my programming and application design technical knowledge. Victor presented the course in a straight forward, well-structured manner, encouraging us to ask questions and express our opinions. He showed both strong knowledge of programming concepts and patience at explaining them. I would be very happy to recommend any course taught by him to any developer who wants to create better software.

Laurentiu Spilca, Senior Java Developer & Trainer

Victor is an extremely talented trainer (and software engineer as well) devoted to his job as a tutor: he plan the training well in advance taking into account the best practices in domain, he reviews the material before the training session to ensure it is adequate to the audience, he rehearse the presentation before and reviews it after the training session based on the students feedback ensuring that next sessions will be even better, close to perfection. Being also a passionate developer, he will bring a real and valuable experience which is often missing in many other trainings. I strongly recommend him!

Florin Diaconu, Senior Software Engineer, Technical Team Leader, Project Manager

Public Talks

Talks / public events (latest first):

  • The Art of Clean Code at Devoxx Poland, Krakow, 27 june 2017

  • A Tale about the Evil Partial Mock and the Separation By Layers of Abstraction [quickie] at Devoxx Poland, Krakow, 27 june 2017

  • Brainstorming a Clean, Pragmatic Architecture at Devoxx Poland, Krakow, 27 june 2017

  • Clean Lambdas at JBCNConf, Barcelona, 25 june 2017

  • Clean Lambdas at Dev Talks Bucharest, 8 june 2017, screen cast - soundless, sorry :((

  • The Art of Clean Code at jPrime Sofia, 30 may 2017, (slides)

  • The Art of Clean Code at JEEConf Kiev, 27 may 2017, (slides)

  • The Art of Clean Code at Codecamp Iasi, 13 may 2017 (teaser)

  • The Art of Clean Code + 1 Kata during the Open Space at I T.A.K.E. Unconference, Bucharest, 12 may 2017

  • A Tale About the Evil Partial Mock and the Separation By Layers of Abstraction [Quickie] during the Open Space at I T.A.K.E. Unconference, Bucharest, 11 may 2017

  • Brainstorming a Clean, Pragmatic Architecture during the Open Space at I T.A.K.E. Unconference, Bucharest, 11 may 2017

  • Coding Dojo - Gilded Rose Refactoring Kata at AgileWorks Romania Meetup, hosted by the CS Dept of UPB, Bucharest, 25 april 2017

  • Brainstorming a Clean, Pragmatic Architecture at JPoint Moscow, 7 april 2017

  • The Art of Clean Code at VoxxedDays Vienna, 16 march 2017

  • Clean Lambdas & Streams in Java 8 - A Hands-on Experience at VoxxedDays Bucharest, 10 march 2017 (screencast+voice and slides)

  • Brainstorming your way from a Monolith to a Clean Architecture at Bucharest JUG Meetup, 22 february 2017 (screencast+voice [RO!]), largest BJUG meetup until then (130+ participants)

  • Clean Code at Devoxx Morocco, 3 november 2016

  • Clean Lambdas at IMWorld Bucharest, 6 october 2016

  • The Art of Clean Code at VoxxedDays Belgrade, 29 september 2016 (video)

  • Java – Still The Most Popular Coding Language after 20 years at Bucharest Java Bootcamp, 29 march 2016 (video)

  • Clean Code talk+workshop at a Bucharest Java User Group (BJUG) Meetup, 23 march 2016. - Stacked room (110+ attendees). Extraordinary athmosphere!

  • The Art of Clean Code at VoxxedDays Bucharest, 11 march 2016


Hi, I'm Victor, an enthusiast Clean Coder,

Senior Java Engineer, Technical Team Lead and Java Coach at IBM, and

Independent Trainer and Technical Coach.

PhD(CS) and Oracle JavaEE6 Architect.

Over 1500 hours of training held to more than 1000 persons, in Romanian and English, including in academic setup (ACS@UPB).

A good training should:

Incite you through a dynamic presentation style, with questions, brainstorming sessions, animations, demos, videos, jokes and contests with prizes

Help you understand the core concepts: the driving purpose, the "WHY", the underlying philosophy of that technology/framework/principle

PROVE TO YOU most of the ideas, with lots of exercises and real-world examples

Explain the tricky parts via intuitive metaphors, animations or easy-to-remember diagrams. You'll love it! (cf. feedback:)

Overview and discuss best practices and main pitfalls in real world scenarios

High-Quality Materials

To meet these high standards, I've constructed my own training materials, investing hundreds of hours of hard work to distil the ideas from the most distinguished books about each topic.

A lot of exercises

We will do exercises > 50% of the time.

You will get a preconfigured virtual machine, in which you can solve the exercises in class or back home, as well as to explore/hack the solution that we will build together.

A very interactive discussion, with lots of questions, exercises and contests will spice up the rest of our session.

Customized Agenda

Every group is unique. Each has its own particular interests or gaps to fill, so the agenda is always tailored for them. Perhaps you aren't sure what topics to choose - please let me bring with my extensive experience to your help. Let's have a brief, informal discussion to identify the gaps and improvement points in the skills of your developers.

I always prefer to have a meeting/call with some trainees/tech leads before any training to agree upon a detailed agenda. We could pick several modules from those listed on this website, customize them or add completely new ones.

Most modules are designed to take around 2 hours, including demos, exercises, contests, etc. My experience proved to me that during a training day, 3 regular 2h modules can be covered, plus a little extra practice or random discussions.

I'm looking for questions

I am always expecting questions any time during the trainings or breaks, and even up to one week after the training ended. The more questions I get from you, the more I see that I'm helping you. The questions can even be off-topic: I would be equally glad to be able to help you with any issues you encounter in your developer life. So do your homework and come to my trainings prepared with all the questions you struggled with.

I always say: The are no "stupid" questions!. Just ask it! My best trainings sessions happened when we managed to create together a collaborative brainstorming-like athmosphere. So, let's have a talk!

Industry-proven, Certified proficiency

I have 12 years of industry experience with all the technologies I teach. I've used them all to design, develop and deliver in production enterprise applications for demanding corporate clients, like Belgian Post, BNP Paribas, Givaudan, and more. Throughout my entire career I continuously explored the edge cases of the techonologies for each project I worked on. In each situation, I always aimed to provide the simplest solution to the problem at hand, by following the philosophy of each technology.

The certifications below gained me a solid knowledge of most of the technologies and techniques employed in enterprise applications development.

Quality Guarantee

From the very first training I delivered I started asking anonymous feedback. The global results (from 297+ feedback forms) is summarized in the chart bellow. Upon request, I can show you the feedback forms (~2kg:), or per-module statistics, where available.

Furthermore, as a sign of consideration, I will remain available remotely for the trainees for 1 week after the sessions for any questions or clarifications.

Valuable recommendations from senior developers that attended my trainings are also available in the "Clients" section.

Finally, the training contract will include a restitution clause in case of negative final feedback. I'm really sure it's useless.

Global Anonymous Feedback Chart
Quality Guarantee


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Oracle Certified Master - Java EE6 Architect
Oracle SQL Expert
Oracle Certified Professional - Java EE5 Business Component
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
Sun Certified Web Services Developer
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Certified Scrum Master I
IT Specialist Expert Level

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